Yeti Coffee Mug

Yeti coffee mug – I’m Lіnс and this is dаd,аnd tоdау we’re gonna cut open ѕоmе Yeti сuрѕ. – Whаt wееk іѕ thіѕ Lincoln?- Mug Week. – Mug week, and thіѕ іѕ thе end of mug wееk, hа. Wе could рrоbаblу fіnd a lоt mоrе сuрѕ in mіnеѕbut two out of thе thrее оf theseare the mоѕt rеԛuеѕtеd mugѕ thаt we’ve had. Thе ѕеlf-ѕtіrrіng cup wаѕ ѕоmеthіng thаt nоbоdу rеԛuеѕtеd. We juѕt ѕаw іt аnd thоught it lооkеd awesome. But whаt’ѕ funny іѕ we wеnt onto Amazonand wе typed іn Yеtі cup,and I thought thаt I bоught аn actual Yеtі сuр. Turns оut,I gоt this іnѕtеаd, Artіс.

They look the same. – They do. – So what we did is about an hour ago,we hurried and got in the carand drove to one of our local storesand they had entire rack fullof different sizes of Yeti cups. So, we picked out the 20 ounce and the 30 ounce. Keeps your drink as cold as science allows,is what this one says. This one makes some pretty strong claims on it. They both say they’re 18 by eight stainless steelconstruction and they both say no sweat exteriors. So, this is kind of a knock-off, I’m guessing. We gonna do a little science experiment, for fun,before we cut it open and see what’s inside,because these things are supposed to be so, so good. You put it in your truck,you’re out working all day,it’s hot in the summertime,your ice-cold soda is gonna stay ice coldfor the entire day, apparently –

Yeti Coffee Mug

Yeti Coffee Mug

Yeti Coffee Mug

So. . . – Yeah. – This is the Muggy-mug,the unspillable cup, many people call it. One that you put down and it won’t do anythingand you lift it up,and then I picked up the cheapest one that I could findat the local store. – The cheapest one. – This one was like eight dollars. 16 ounce, 16 ounce, 20 ounce,and then these twos are 30 ouncers. – We’re gonna put ice cold water in all five of theseand then we’re gonna stick it in the ovenand test the temperatures and see what water holds the best. – So, during that whole time,I filled up four of them with five things of iceand Lincoln hasn’t even. . . Emptying out the only one he worked on.

– Who left this paper in here?- Yeah. – Four, five. – Way to go Lincoln, nice job. – I know how to count. – Each one of them has water in it. Yes, the 30 ouncers don’t have that much in it,but the same amount as these mugs. It’s around the same, 43 and six. What about this guy?So, they’re all around the same. Don’t try this at home. This could be super-dangerous.

– It could be, but it could be awesome too. – No, no, no. I’m telling them not to do it at home. Don’t tell them it’s going to be awesomebecause then they’ll want to do it. It will be awesome, but dangerous. You could burn your house down.

You really could. Let the competition begin!Yes. 325 degrees,20 minute torture test, convection bake. Which mug is going to survive?We’re about four minutes into this test,and I don’t smell any plastic burning or melting. That’s good. Okay, we’ve got a problem. The unspillable mug just fell over. Out of all the mugs, Okay, unspillable mug. It’s just plastic so it’s just totally meltingat the bottom. – Oh, that’s hot!- Yeah, don’t touch it. What are you thinking?!? – Any water left?- Yeah, let’s test it out. A lot of the water got- Spilled out.

– Aw, it stinks!It warmed up to 59,or 15 degrees Celsius. So, it definitely got warmer. The lid for the Artic, check it out. It sunk, it melted and sunk down into it. The two Yetis are still pretty good on there. I don’t know if it’s a knock-off or less quality. I do find it interesting that the actual plastic lid meltedand dropped down in it beforeeither of the two Yetis.

When only went 20 minutes, but I think at 325 degreesconvection bake, this is a good enough gauge. I need something else to get these out with. This old rag. – Lincoln!Kids, don’t follow Lincoln’s example. The Artic, fell down in it, and it probably stopped itfrom melting.

It just warped it. This is the Yeti. Woah!That is impressive. I can see four ice cubes and one piece of a fifth,and the water is at 39 degrees,or three degrees Celsius. Does the Yeti cooler work?Look at it, 16 ounce compared to this 16 ounce. Three degrees on that one, Celsius,this one instantly jumps,13, 14, 15, 16. The big Yeti under 40, 39,which is four degrees Celsius, nice. All right, this is the true test. The Artic where we lost the plastic top,that comes up on Amazon and type in Yeti. Nine degrees Celsius, 48 degrees Fahrenheit. So, what did we learn today?

– That Yeti cups are very good at keeping water cold. – They do their job. Even though, yeah, this thing fell in it,and that’s what made it hotter, possibly. These ones were in the same temperature spaceand it didn’t fall in. I don’t know, I’m a believer. I’m a believer of the Yetis. – The Yetis. – Right?- Yeah. – I like the Yetis. I didn’t like them beforebecause they were so much money,and I felt like it might be a false claim,but after our little not very scientific test,I’m a believer. But, let’s cut them open nowand see what the inside looks like. We got the bottom off.

Now that I look at it,it probably shouldn’t have been that difficult,and it looks like somebody took a Sharpieand wrote on it. Yeah, I think people do quality controlat different steps of the manufacturing process,wrote “Oop, I fixed it. “- Yeah. – I think the hatchetcan do it, but this is some tough metal. So, back at it hatchet. It just made a noise like some gas came out of it. This thing is tough. It’s bullet-proof. Actually, I bet it would be bullet-proof. I hit it with a hatchet a million times. We got barely through the outer layer. We still haven’t punctured the inside.

Like, if I would put water in here,it would still just stay in there. So, we’re gonna upgrade our saw here,and give it another go with something elsea little bit stronger. – Oh, didn’t want to have to break out that saw,but the Yeti is tough. – Woah!- Look at the layers. So there’s a thick layer of metal. Air in between made that loud hissing noiseonce I hit the right spot with the hatchet,and then the very bottom of it,it has a lot of space in the bottom.

That’s pretty well built for a cupto drink ice cold beverages. Man, if I wanted to keep my drink coldand I was going somewhere hot,I would probably get the Yeti cuprather than just like a really cheap cupthat doesn’t do its job very well. Playing with all three of these cups,if you haven’t watched all three of our cup videosthat we posted this week, go watch them. It was a ton of fun,but, man, this thing is hard to get into. I wouldn’t recommend that you cut these things open. Thanks again guys. Let us know what else you’d like us to see what’s insideand what else you’d like us to cut open,and we will continue to do the thingsthat you guys want us to do.